Connecting International Freight Forwarders with ASEAN+6

ASEAN FOCUSED only works with reliable and trusted forwarders.

Although ASEAN FOCUSED Cargo Network ensure that all of the members within the network are reliable and trusted forwarders, ASEAN FOCUSED still wants to make sure that all the charges due within the network will be paid on or before the agreed terms. To guarantee that payments will always be on time, the network has its ASEAN FOCUSED Security Program as safety-net for its members.

ASEAN FOCUSED uses an advance payment monitoring system where payment issues reported will be immediately investigated and acted upon. This insurance coverage is immediately applied upon approval of membership. By having such program, we increase the confidence of members to work with each other.




Most advance payment monitoring system


The live payment monitoring system allows our ASEAN Focused Cargo Network Secretariat to capture any late payment incidences and informs the network of any irregularities. All members are sent a monthly PDF of the Network Security Agency List which highlights the updated status of every member.

By having this system in place we are able to vastly reduce the network’s exposure to wrong intended forwarders and keep our striving community of forwarders going.

  • Prior to transacting with network members, please verify from the network agency list that your partners are in good standing
  • Agent to submit statement of account (AR/AP) within the first 10 days of each month
  • Send pre-alerts (HAWB, MAWB and Billing) within 14 days of shipment.
  • Members must be updated with membership payables.
  • Agent must pass the screening process of the network.
  • Agents must file a late-payment-report within 60 days of transaction.
  • Only network members are eligible for security claims. Expired member status is not entitled to submit claims to the network.
  • The network security blanket covers for invoices within a maximum of 60 days before the claim date and does not provide coverage for shipments with payment terms of more than 30 days.
  • Security coverage is only granted to members that have attended the network’s conferences. The network
  • reserves the right to refuse any claims from members who have not attended the last conference.
  • Only invoices relating to the offices/cities that are registered will be eligible to participate in this fund i.e. if a company only registers its Hong Kong office but has several other offices in China, only invoices covering freight originating from/destined to their Hong Kong office will be considered as eligible.
  • The network does not cover for disputes caused by service errors
  • The network reserves the right to update the above terms at any time.
  • For payment issues that have been resolved, the payer will undergo a 60-day probationary period, for purpose of payment monitoring. The Network Management has the right to downgrade payment status of members with payment issues. This is to ensure that the entire Network is kept safe.
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